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Mourning the death of a loved one is hard enough. Unfortunately, winding up his or her estate can be an additional headache. The probate lawyers at Lagana Silva & Associates can ease the burden by assisting you in handling the assets, debts, and property left behind. The first question you will be asked is whether the person died testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will).

Probate Lawyers in Massachusetts Lagana Silva & Associates, Somerville MA

Testate Estates

Someone who passes with a will or estate plan has made an effort to make your life simpler once he or she has passed. The deceased’s will should have named an executor (man) or executrix (woman) who is the ‘point person’ in charge of the administration of the will. However, life isn’t perfect. Situations arise where the named executor/executrix is no longer alive or able to perform the necessary administrative duties, or when heirs of the deceased question or disagree with the executor/executrix’s methods or choices.

Intestate Estates

If your loved one passed away without a will or estate plan, there are intestate succession laws that dictate how his or her estate is divided, priority of paying off debts, and order of beneficiaries. These laws can be confusing and have a lot of gray areas. Hiring experienced probate lawyers can be the difference between receiving an inheritance and losing everything your loved one worked for to taxes and old debts. Our professionals will sit down with you, discuss everything you need to consider, and give an honest perspective regarding what you can expect.

If you have lost someone who did not leave behind an estate plan, or think you’re entitled to assets from an estate, or you believe you are being wrongly excluded from trust funds- we can help you. Our probate lawyers are experienced in litigating contested trusts and estates in both the Superior and Probate courts. We will work to recoup your losses, including residual damages, and fight for a resolution that will ensure a more secure future.




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