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Getting divorced can be as stressful on the body and mind as mourning the death of a loved one. Many divorces start out as high-conflict situations fueled by sadness, anger, and confusion. The legal process involves paperwork, gathering documents, court dates, and the ironic need to work together with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Hiring a divorce lawyer you are confident in is the best investment for your future and sanity. Our divorce attorneys give you peace of mind through the process by maintaining a transparent attorney-client relationship while providing thorough representation to put you in the best possible position moving forward.

Divorce Actions – What to Expect

After a consultation to discuss your particular situation and goals, we file a complaint, or answer the complaint you have been served with. Then the trial preparation starts through a process called discovery. Discovery is simply the requesting and exchanging of information needed to negotiate settlement, make informed decisions, and gather evidence in the event of a trial. Once we are satisfied that we know everything there is to know about the assets, debts, and children’s needs, we begin the negotiation process. Our divorce attorneys successfully settle 98% of our divorce cases with comprehensive separation agreements, which saves our clients’ time and money while putting them in a favorable position. A separation agreement is a contract between spouses, which becomes an order of the court, and addresses assets, debts, health insurance, alimony, parenting schedules, child support, children’s extracurricular activities, educational expenses, and more. On the rare occasion that a divorce case does go to trial; we are an experienced team that will fight for what is best you.

Divorce -Your Rights and Needs

Massachusetts is an equitable division state, but what does that mean for you? Generally, any assets earned or acquired during a marriage will be divided equally. However, there are times when equal is not equitable or fair. We work with you to negotiate an agreement that will put you in the best possible position for your finances and children.

Children & Divorce

The most common concern we hear is, “what about the kids?” Divorce can be extremely difficult for kids, but can, in the long run, be more beneficial. It is worse for kids to observe a dysfunctional relationship and learn all of the wrong things about love than it is to grow up in a ‘non-traditional’ home. We advocate strongly for children to have two, loving, involved parents, who may not get a long, but are united in their support for the children. However, sometimes two, involved parents just isn’t possible. It is most important to maintain status quo and stability for the children as much as possible. Our professionals will work with you and your spouse, or his or her attorney, to come up with a sustainable and reasonable parenting plan based on your family’s needs.

When Will It End?

It might seem counter intuitive, but our clients hire us and recommend us because we are the first to acknowledge you don’t want us in your life. You just want to move on from the divorce nightmare – we get it. Accordingly, our firm is based on solutions and not representation. We will always keep you informed as to your options and give you the cost-benefit analysis every step of the way in terms of settling or pushing closer to trial. Our team has the skill to provide you with choices, and an honest forecast on the likely outcome and potential consequences of each, to ultimately empower you to be in the driver’s seat. The length of the process is dependent on many factors including how contested each issue is and the court’s schedule. We will not let you spend time or money on anything that won’t have a significant return on investment. On average a divorce takes about a year.

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