Civil Litigation Lawyers Somerville MA

Civil Litigation Lawyers Somerville MAWe are experienced in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil matters. Civil litigation is a constant cost-benefit analysis between the money you are owed and what it will cost you to get that money. If you are owed money, whether for a contract, business deal, or other harm, your chances of getting paid are significantly better if you have a good strategy.

Our civil litigation lawyers will discuss the potential value of your case and the costs to expect. Then depending on the facts and circumstances of your case we will walk you through the pros and cons of settling early, bringing the case to trial, going mediation, or submitting to arbitration. We will advise you which option is safest and which option carries the most risk. There are times that it does not make financial sense for clients to hire a lawyer to recover damages and in those situations we honestly advise clients on better alternative resolutions.

If your case falls within the jurisdiction of the Superior Court because the damages are alleged to be $25,000.00 or more, think of having a good civil litigation lawyer as an investment rather than an expense. Every move our firm makes in your case will consider your bottom line. As a defendant’s attorney we minimize risks, costs, and fees. As a plaintiff’s attorney we maximize what you walk away with making sure that your award exceeds your costs. Our experience in both plaintiff and defense representation means that we anticipate and are prepared for how the other side will respond.



We work as a united team, for modern families, for couples, single parents and grandparents, while giving our clients the highest quality advice possible.